My rate will be agreed upon with you on a project-by-project basis, with reference to the subject area, volume, urgency and special requirements of your assignment.  As general guidance, I tend to charge higher rates for specialist texts and lower rates for more general ones.

Translation projects are chargeable per word (min USD 0.08). 

Proofreading and face-to-face interpreting assignments are chargeable per hour, with a minimum charge of three hours. 

Telephone interpreting and subtitling jobs are chargeable per minute.


Certified translation is chargeable per document.


A 20% surcharge will be applicable for rush, weekend and holiday work, and for non-editable file formats, e.g. scans or locked PDFs.

There is a minimum charge for minor assignments.

For a full rates factsheet, please contact me, or signal if you would like me to get in touch with you. 
I will be happy to discuss payment terms with you.