Translation of key documents for businesses expoiting new opportunities

In an effort to internationalise, businesses communicate their message to various markets, including Russia. I have extensive knowledge of the Russian and Anglo-Saxon cultures and appreciate the challenges faced when conveying culturally-specific concepts to a foreign audience. I can assist you with translation of your content into proper business Russian, avoiding cultural traps and ensuring your message is clearly communicated and will most likely be well-received. My hand-on experience with business communications will be instrumental in producing meaningful translations for you.

Below are certain document types that I have worked on. Indeed, the below list is not complete, so do not hesitate to contact me for further detail. I will be delighted to discuss your requirements with you.

  • Presentations

  • Website content

  • Product brochures

  • Marketing plans

  • Business agreements

  • Commercial proposals

  • Correspondence

  • Quotations

  • Newsletters

  • Business plans

  • Purchase orders

  • Corporate powers of attorney

  • Company certificates 

  • Partnership agreements

  • Office memoranda

  • Policies (HR, HSE)

I have dealt with the translation aspects of, inter alia, the following projects:

  • General and specific disclosures referred to in a Framework and Acquisition Agreement with respect to a 100% interest in a Russian company and the issuance of ordinary shares in an U.S. company

  • Advice for a Russian oil company on its contracting arrangement with a foreign provider of drilling services and production-testing services with respect to a Russian distant oilfield

  • PR support for a mid-sized Russian bank following the issuance of its rating by a credit ratings agency

  • Advice for a Russian energy company on its strategic cooperation with a multinational conglomerate corporation for jointly developing, manufacturing, testing and marketing equipment for use in the oil and gas industry in and outside Russia

  • Advice regarding a guaranty and indemnity scheme in a potential acquisition by a Japanese enterprise of an interest in a Russian petrochemical company

  • Advice for an U.K. producer of a next-generation battery regarding the commissioning of research into the properties of certain technical solutions in various electrolyte systems