My name is Yevgeny Kozlov.  I am a native speaker of Russian based in Moscow, Russia.  I started learning languages at school and continued improving my language skills studying and working abroad, namely in England, France and the U.S.  At university I majored in English and French, and was awarded a specialist
5-year (BA+) degree
cum laude.

As a former in-house translator at a ‘Big Four’ audit firm and Legal 500 law firms, I have a proven record in legal, financial and business translations for governments, multilateral institutions and brand-name companies from a variety of industries, including hydrocarbons, banking, insurance, manufacturing, consultancy and automotive.

I am experienced in interpreting.  As an interpreter I completed a considerable number of projects, including executive-level face-to-face negotiations, high-value transaction closing meetings, foreign regulator inspections, investor site-selection visits, press conferences to accompany the release of reports and conference calls to negotiate project documentation.

I have at my disposal a solid database of precedents and glossaries that I source from to produce most accurate translations.  In my work process, I rely solely on my professional expertise, without recurring to machine translation.  My overarching focus and objective is to ensure that a translation produced reads as fluently as the original text, with its actual meaning, style and its message ‘between the lines’ conveyed as precisely as possible.





I work with direct clients and language vendors from Russia and beyond.

My current clients include international law firms, a 'Big Four' audit firm, Russian and overseas translation agencies, insurance companies, creative-industry corporations, globally renowned online businesses and a large energy company.